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What Others Say About Rugen

"Ron Rugen is a very good investigator, writer, and communicator. If I wanted to delve into something, whether a private case or a public interest issue, Ron would be the guy I would call."
  Nationally-known Criminal Profiler and Author Pat Brown

"Ron Rugen is an intellectually gifted investigator with a strong background in communications which means he listens, he learns, and he reports facts. He digs like a hungry journalist and gets to the truth.”
  Peter Hyatt, Investigator and nationally-known Statement Analyst

"I personally have met with Mr. Rugen and feel confident that he will take care of his clients and their needs. I have had dealings with PIs all over the world and feel that Mr. Rugen is a professional PI who can definitely assist his clients."

  — Kelly Riddle, International Private Investigator, Author/Columnist, President of Kelmar & Associates, San Antonio, TX

"Ron's dedication to education and bettering his craft truly sets him apart from the everyday gumshoe."
— Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM | Aon Consulting, Managing Director, Corporate Strategic Intelligence Unit Financial Advisory & Litigation Consulting Services Practice