The Surveillance Center

With 20 years experience in investigations, Ron Rugen knows how to legally get you answers.  Rugen started his career as a news reporter moving over into private investigations.  During his career as a private detective, Rugen has trained hundreds of other investigators on surveillance and other PI skills via his online webinars and in person presentations.

Ron Rugen has demonstrated he is a leader in the private investigation surveillance industry, by constantly keeping on top of new technology, receiving many times over the number of continuing education hours than licensing requires, and working with colleagues around the country.

Rugen Team can make sure your case is covered where ever you are.  Licensed in multiple states, if your case leads us to a case outside of these areas, we vet and manage the local investigator to get the job done for you.

One of the important tools in conducting surveillance is a surveillance vehicle.  Here is a look inside typical surveillance vehicles.

The Surveillance Center

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